About Us

Dayton and Michelle Scoggins


 Their company Artistry In Wood was established in 2001.  Prior to that Dayton was a towboat captain on the Mississippi River. He would hand carve for a hobby while sitting on the bridge. His wife Michelle  read an article about chainaw carving in a Chip Chat magazine and asked if he ever carved with a chainsaw. He said no and  I need chainsaw with a caving bar on it to try this out. So for Fathers day she bought him a chainsaw with a carving bar on it. Six months later they quit their jobs and been carving ever since.

Artistry In Wood


We started out as a small chainsaw carving business.  We have grown into traveling all over the world competing at chainsaw carving competitions, being paid entertainers at fairs and festivals and doing onsite stump carvings for some pretty famous people, and have even been on TV a few times.

We are also a complete woodworking shop making pieces for high end retailers.

But none of this would work without the support of our family. In just this short time we already have a 3rd generation carver started.

Check out our chainsaw carving website www.artistryinwood.com

Artistry In Wood Roughouts


We got started making roughouts because we were having a hard time keeping up with small inventory.  We would get tired at shows carving  smaller carvings that a lot of the public wanted to purchase. They loved our bigger sculptures but most couldn't afford them but they wanted something . So I came up with the idea of getting a CNC to make roughouts and have them readily available to carve for that customer.  Now  after years of perfecting this idea that is working for us, we want to  share with other carvers the opportunity  for you to make money with our roughouts or your own roughout model.