reproduce your custom carving

Have your own carving reproduced



  Artistry In Wood has the ability to take  one of your carvings and scan a 3d image of it then cad /cam  and carve  your own roughout. You own the rights to your carving. 

How it works


You send us a carving then we will  paint it white/gray to get a better scan.(if your carving is real light it might not need painting). Once we have a scan we run a sample to find out the cost of the roughouts. 

After you see the roughout and know the price you can order as many as you like.



The cost to have scan and have a sample made is $250.00

What you get is one roughout and a stl.file of your carving and a price on running your carving.

Things to keep in mind when making models


Our carving machine is a 3 axis with a rotary working on a center line. Understanding how the machine works will help you make better models. Give us a call before making  models so that we can go over what will work best.



The wood that we use is plantation loblolly pine that is grown on our property.  It goes to a log lathe that turns the trees to the correct diameter and then is cut to proper lengths.  From there it goes on the machine to carve. After carving the roughouts they go to a dry room for a week to 10 days before shipping.

Get a free scan


For every purchase over a $1000.00 you can receive a free scan. You  can mix your order with our models and yours, or all our models, or just yours.